A New Year’s Reflection

 Usually on the night of New Year’s Eve, I spend time reflecting on the year’s achievements. I think about adventures I had, the friends I made, the hardest challenges, and the saddest moments. I usually do this with friends and family, sitting around with good food, sharing stories and laughing.

There is a moment however, just after a joke has been shared, when the laughter has subsided and the new conversation is yet to begin, that I feel the inertia of inward reflection engulfing me. Although a brief moment, it is a more honest account than I would ever share with the present company. This is the time I usually think about my most personal accomplishments and hardships endured. It usually involves money.

I am proud of my achievements, my saving, and my investments. But, I always, with good reason, see this reflected on the proverbial scale of saving verse spending.

During this night, I hear about overseas trips, new appliances (this year, the Thermomix has been particularly popular) and new cars and special events. I need to make sure that I have a story to share too, not only to contribute to the conversation, but also to validate my year to myself.

I guess what I need to remember, is that money is ultimately there for my happiness – my long term happiness as well as my year-to-year pleasure.

So, looking forward to the next year, I am keen to watch my photo album grow, just as much as my bank account. And I’ll be grateful and happy to have a balance between the two.

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