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Espresso Expensive?

Yes! Another post about Coffee. This time: buying it.

I love to buy coffee at work. Not only because it tastes better than instant (although, it’s a plus) but also because it is my little treat. I never buy my lunch, or any other drinks (alcohol included), and so this is my way of staying sane.Reaching our financial goals, can start with the smallest cent (4)

However, just because this is a treat, doesn’t mean I forgo my usual scruples. I can buy my coffee, and be smart about it:

Buy Clever

The coffee shop in my work building has a loyalty scheme. If you buy 9 coffees you get one free. However, the Muffin Break in the shopping centre 20 meters down the road also has a loyalty scheme. If you buy 4 coffees, you get one free.

muffin break loyality
This card has saved me $96 per year on coffee!

So, I every week potentially I could get a free coffee every two weeks from the café at my building OR I could get a free coffee every week from Muffin Break. Let’s say the price of the coffee is $4 at either cafe. For me, there are 48 working weeks a year, which means I could save an extra $96 on coffee just by wandering down the road on my lunch break. And the fresh air and exercise will also be good for me!

Coffee Size

I only buy a small to regular size. Never a large one. The small size gives me the required caffeine kick and great taste but I am keeping the price down. A large coffee only has extra milk, very rarely does it come with extra coffee.

Sit and Enjoy

I don’t like take-away coffee. I find that I don’t ‘savour the flavour’. If I am going to spend the money, I might as well enjoy the fruits of my labour to full fruition! I love to sit down and drink. Slowly. Gracefully. Without bumping into someone in the elevator and losing it all down my shirt front.

Just like there is not just one way to skin a cat (poor thing!) there is never just one way to buy a coffee.

Some people laugh at me because I am so frugal and yet I still pay the $4 for a coffee.

I tend to think of it as keeping me balanced. If I had no gratification for the money I earned, then I would become very disheartened with saving, very quickly, as money would have no value to me.

I know what a special treat it is to buy my coffee, I’m clever about it and I appreciate it.

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