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Flash your Cash!

Cash is the most value-defining version of my money that I have.  What do I mean by this? I could have $50 in a bank account, a $50 cheque, a $50 gift card or $50 cash. They are all valued at $50, but I treasure cash.

There’s something in the way it feels, it smells. I love its colour, the pictures of famous leaders and knowing how many notes it takes to make a great looking ‘wad’. The value of cash is easily understood. It is a constant (the value will always remain the same). And yet, it is far more flexible than the other value-holding items I just listed. Cash is the most basic form of money.

It is because of these reasons that I pay my bills with it. Even if the bills are in the hundreds, and (shock horror!), thousands.

Even though I tend cry every time my tender wad of money leaves my hot little hand, I find that it prompts me to question how much I am paying for each product/service I buy.

I could pay my bills on the internet. It would certainly be easier. However, I would not identify the incremental increases of each bill. When you hold a bunch of notes in your hand, you subconsciously count how many $10s, $5s, $20s and (my favorite) $50s there are. Should your bill increase by $40, you will instantly realize, usually without thinking, that you are parting with more cash than you usually do.

Hopefully with this prompt, you may do some research, find a better deal, or query the increase. It may save you multiple wads of cash in the long run.

Steer clear of the ‘plastic fantastic’ and e-banking. Remember, such transfers are great for convenience but are detrimental for watching your budget.

Use cash to pay your bills, and you’ll know just how much you pay for things.

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