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My $3,000 Windfall

I left my previous job in January and I have received the final payment of my holiday pay – a sweet 3,000 clams.

But, the question is: what do I do with it?

My heart is pulling me in 3 directions:

  1. Save it for my home deposit!

This is most logical, prudent thing to do. And don’t get me wrong, since I write a savings blog, my own personal finance is always on my mind. However, I think because I can’t recall the hours I spent working for this particular amount, it somehow falls out of the “I must save this” basket.

  1. Save it for a holiday!glowcrazy

I wold love to travel to America again. I absolutely love the USA and would love to venture back there. The $3,000 would cover my flight costs easily. All I would need to do is save for accommodation and spending money. Then I could afford a holiday without dipping into my pre-existing savings!

  1. Buy a whiz-bang, top-of-the-line, computer!

Well I could buy a really, really good lap-top and a nice new phone! It would be really great to work on a system that does have stone-aged RAM and graphics. And after all, I am working hard on my blog – I could treat myself.

I noticed, after looking at these options, I could rank my wishes into short, medium and long term goals. Also, whichever one I choose will negatively impact the chance of obtaining the other two. The question I should be asking myself is:

what do I really need? Not, what do I really want?

But I am throwing it out there! What do you think I should do and why? Please comment below and let me know!

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