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My Money-Grabbing Appliance

5 handy tips to reduce your clothes drying costS (1)The most expensive appliance to run in my flat is the clothes dryer. It sucks electricity as a phenomenal rate!

How can I avoid using the dryer? Here are 5 handy tips:

  1. Spin, spin, spin – my washing machine allows me to choose what setting the ‘Spin Cycle’ is on. I can choose between 800 rpm, 1000 rpm and 1200 rpm. I highly recommend the highest spin setting (1200 rpm)  for everyday clothes, as this means that the clothes have already greatly reduced their water content before I attempt to dry them. I have noticed that they take several hours less to dry than if I selected 1000 rpm setting.
  1. Invest in a clothes airer. I set up my faithful airer once or twice a week in the spare room. It holds just over one full washing load, and is great for ‘set up and forget’ drying. I tend to leave the clothes drying for a day or so and with the spare room door shut guests don’t even know it’s there!
  1. The unconventional washing line. Now the weather is getting cooler, I am frustrated with my outdoor washing line. If I forget to collect my washing in the afternoon, it sits outside all night, and collects dew in the morning – then the drying process has to take another day! I now have my ‘unconventional’ line. It is a piece of plastic coated wire, with a carabiner tied at both ends. I simply hook the line from the curtain rod to a set of shelves. An easy to set up, indoor washing line. This is great for drying sheets and blankets that are too large to fit on the airer – and since it is indoors, it only takes overnight for the items to be dry by the morning!
  1. The oven. My oven has a handle on the door which I drape my tea towel over. However, when baking cookies (or something else nice smelling) I love to place some socks or singlets on this handle and they dry usually before the cookies are cooked!

5. Does it really need to be washed? If you wear a tee-shirt for 3 hours, it doesn’t really need a full wash cycle. Be vigilant and respect your clothes (remember, lots of washing will reduce the                  quality of the clothing!)


I deliberately haven’t included the household heating, as it is another appliance I am trying to cut back on. I am wearing jumpers and having many a hot cuppa!

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