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My Morning Coffee

I love my coffee. I love it in the morning. I love it at night. I love it right after lunch with 3 chocolate biscuits.

But the brand I like is expensive. And if I have over 5 cups (caffeinated and decaffeinated) a day, I cannot justify that.
IMG_20160428_075735I am not going to cut back my coffee intake (even though I should). But, I am not going to start buying ‘International Roast’ either.

So, I sat down over a nice hot cuppa to ponder the situation. Finally, I decided I will continue to buy my favourite coffee, but I will add 1/3 of the home brand coffee to make it last a little longer.

Some people have mentioned that this may ‘dilute’ the flavour. I did a little taste test, and found it hard to differentiate between the coffee I had ‘doctored’ and the one I didn’t. Let’s not forget, I am already diluting the coffee flavour with milk.

Ah, another topic. Milk!

Considering the price of milk I don’t really have an issue with buying it at the supermarket. It is so cheap. However, I do have a problem with wasting it!

I was bringing 1 litre of milk to work a week but I found by Friday, it was still half full, and I would end up tipping most down the sink.IMG_20160428_075632

A friend of mine brings the smaller, ‘snack’ packs of milk. They come in a set of
6 and resemble juice boxes. However, these packs are more expensive to buy than a big litre of milk. I wasn’t going to fork out more money for less milk (even if half went down the drain).

I have come up with a solution. A few years ago, I visited the USA (and loved it!). While holidaying there is discovered “coffee creamer”. A powdered substance when added to coffee would give it a milky colour. However, I was shocked at the amount of sugar in it when I read the label! Not for my diet!

What about regular milk powder? I bought a small amount and tested it at work. One teaspoon of coffee and one teaspoon of milk powder makes a perfect creamy coffee. And no waste! The milk powder works out to be cheaper than the fresh milk idea, without the problem of a best before date (it does have one, but it is about 12 months longer than a fresh milk best before date).

Milk powder – a great coffee creamer without the calories and without the wastage!

Here is the breakdown:

$5.69 Coles Instant Skim Milk Powder 1 kg. (approx. 250 servings) = 2.2 cents per serving)

$9.08 Coffee Mate Whitener 1kg (approx. 250 servings) = 3.6 cents per serving

$1 Coles 1L Skim Mild (approx. 32 servings – 2 tablespoons per coffee) = 3.1 cents per serving

$3.00 Devondale Skim long life milk 6 pack (1200ml) (approx. (approx. 39 servings – 2 tablespoons per coffee) = 7.7 cents per serving

Prices as at: 18/04/16 Coles Supermarkets

I know this might sound like I have taken saving a little to the extreme – but let’s remember: to save a fortune, it must start with a single cent!

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