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The Power of Connections

Have you ever had a friend with the newest gadget that has not yet been released to the public?

You stand there with a look of annoyance and jealousy, wondering how they got their paws on it before you… and when you ask, he says:

“” I know a guy”.

Ah, yes. We have all seen the results of having good connections. But did it ever cross your mind you can use connections to save money too?

I have a connection. My ‘guy’ is a great customer service gentleman at my local supermarket. I was enquiring about discounted meat in the deli section when he gave me the best piece of information I had heard all day:

“I check all the produce at 6pm every night”.

This little sentence is verbal gold in the eyes of a money saver! This gentleman walks around the supermarket every night marking down the older produce so that it sells quicker. And he told me exactly when he does it.

Not only that, we can be mutually beneficial to each other. He wants to sell the older stock so he reduces the price. And I want to buy the cheaper stock. So everyone’s happy.

Now, at 6pm on a Friday, I look out for Mark at the front of the store, beginning his rounds, with that red pen in his hand. I follow him around the store, watch what items he reduces the price of, and I pick up whatever I need, at usually 70% off.

I usually chat to him as we make our way from the fresh fruit and vegetables to the meat section. He is such an interesting person, and very kind. I love the cheap prices, but I also value the conversations we have.

In terms of the food being close to its best before date – that doesn’t bother me! I know that meat can be frozen in the freezer for up to 3 months (sometimes longer if it is at the back…) and older vegetables can be cooked up into warm soup for winter lunches (also frozen in portions). I never pay full price for my home made lunches or the meat for my casseroles!

So, have a chat to the storekeeper of your local supermarket – who knows what you could learn!

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