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What’s all the craze? Pokémon!

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor- -Winter is dead.”I’m sure you have all heard about the Pokémon craze sweeping the globe at the moment. I’m sure most of you have downloaded the app and are furiously venturing out to a nearby body of water to catch Zubats and Pidgies. In fact, I’m sure many of you could tell me how many you have caught and (most importantly) how many your best friend has caught, and how many you are beating him by…

Can any of you tell me the current interest rate your term deposit is getting at the bank?

I know I know, I have to direct this post back to saving! But let’s look at your priorities. Why is Pokémon so addictive? And why is looking at your finances as exciting as eating dry toast?

Because one of them gives you a short-term thrill. A thrill easily understood by others.

Yell “I just caught a Pikachu!” in your office and your workmates will go wild! They will probably all scramble towards the one spot on your desk it appeared, phones outstretched. Yell “I just added $100 to my super” and your workmates will think there’s not a lot going on in your private life, and your boss will probably think you’ve “finally cracked”.

I have been watching people get swept up in this current ‘in’ thing. Subsequently, I have discovered people invest so much time and effort into current trends, only to neglect the most important thing, the future. Now don’t get me wrong, I love lying in bed and seeing how many Pokémon are loitering around my bedspread. But, I don’t make it my only objective.

I would love for you to just stop and think. Collecting Pokémon is a great hobby, it is so shareable with your friends, and it is a topic you can all relate to. But, it will only be short lived. It’s just like trying to keep your MySpace profile up to date. That ship has sailed honey, and it’s not coming back!

But what will remain constant, is the need to be financially free. To be able to retire, live comfortably and watch your grandkids get the new YoYo, Nintendo 64 or Pog.

So while Pokémon is taking over smart phones everywhere, try to spend 10% of your Pokemon time reflecting on what is actually important:

What is important to me?

–              My family

–              My friends

–              My health

–              My money

Just by thinking about it, I want to put the smart phone away and ring my mum. I want to go for a jog in the park. I want to organise a lunch date with my friends. I want to do my end of year tax return. Reflection is a great way to prioritise your future time.

Pokémon is such a big thing at the moment. Just as Perms were once all the craze (or for you men, the mullet was equally as fashionable). Can anyone remember the ‘internet fridge’? Or 8 track tapes? It will pass, my friend.

Becoming financially savvy will only increase in importance.

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